Saturday, October 17, 2015

Squat Squad

Here they are!

Like the Imperial Army squad from last week, I managed to maintain a uniform look while making sure each model was an individual. This was fun unit to paint.

Not sure what's up next, but I'll have a root around the lead pile and see what catches my interest...


  1. Nice painted squats ;) There was a time when I didn't like too much citadel dwarves or squats (but I loved 3rd edtion chaos dwarves and chaos squats), but now I'm more eclectic and I could some too... maybe just one in a sensei warband ;)

  2. Lovely stuff! Delightful figures, painted beautifully.

  3. I really like how this squad turned out Clarence! I might have to dip in and get some squats. ;)

  4. Absolutely brilliant!
    love these little hooligans.
    And I am just blown away by this wonderful blog, thank you for sharing your great work.

  5. Very nice, I like how you tied them together with the Imperial humans.