Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Maulblade the Doomkin

This model used to be my general back in the day (and probably will be again), so I was very excited when I spotted him on eBay - this model doesn't seem to be as common as some of the other champions so it was a real find.

Speaking of eBay, I think the Oldhammer community is a small one and it is likely that I am bidding on some of the same items as my readers. I apologize if I ninja'd something you had your eye on and apologize again in advance for future for grabbing more. I actually already have quite a large number of models, but I am trying to fill in some units and maybe add a few new ones...

I also have a notion to pick up enough other races to fill in the follower table from the Slaves of Darkness (i.e 8 Chaos Dwarves, 4 Harpies, 6 Orcs, 12 Wolves, etc). I think I am going to build warbands for each of the four Chaos Powers. My plan is for each power to have it's champion, 2d6 Beastmen or 2d6 Humans, plus the following...

Khorne - Chaos Warrior, 2d4 Chaos Dwarfs, and 1d4 Ogres
Slaanesh - Chaos Sorcerer, 1d6 Dark Elves and 1d4 Minotaurs
Nurgle - Chaos Warrior, 2d4 Skaven and 1 Troll
Tzeentch - Chaos Sorcerer, 1d4 Harpies and 1 Chimera (or similar winged beast)

In this case, the die result will be the number of models I've managed to acquire! The Beastmen and Humans (Thugs) will be fairly generic (unless sporting obvious power traits) so I can combine them into larger units for my army, while the other races will be more power specific. The champions will simply be designed to represent the models I've chosen.

Here are all of my Chaos Warriors to date...

The spear-armed guy may be promoted to champion status to lead my Chaos Thugs. I'm planning on one unit of twelve models for my army initially, but I actually want to collect enough models to build a unit of ten Chaos Warriors (these will be mostly the more Nurglely minis) and ten Chaos Marauders (the generic Chaos Warrior minis painted in neutral dark colors). I will probably build a ten model unit of Slaanesh Chaos Warriors as well as I already have four or five champions of that power.


  1. I might have to hack that paint scheme. ;) well done. Also I really like the warband ideas. Your right it is a small community, and we are sometimes bidding against each other. Sometimes rolling the dice for retinues is a bit inconvenient when you have already spent "X" amount of dollars on other figures. I like how you have varied them up. I look forward to seeing the progress, and might use your ideas for a bit of inspiration.

  2. Excellent paintjob on a classic model. We're of similar minds it would seem, I'm attempting to paint up all the possible followers from the Lost and the Damned retinue table :


    I've now completed 8 of the 19 possible main followers, but have almost finished 4 Ogres...

  3. That guy is the epitome of Nurgle Chaos Warriors!
    Nice job =)

  4. Great work on a real classic. This guy (and his brother with the mace) are pure old school chaos awesomeness, through and through.

  5. Thanks, guys!

    I am working toward three goals.

    1. Build an Oldhammer army. I'm not worrying about the points right now. I just want a collection that looks like an army... Three or four decent sized units and a couple of support choices.
    2. Build small Warbands for each of the four Chaos Powers. Hopefully I can incorporate as many of these into the army as possible. My main theme is Nurgle so I won't field Tzeentch models in the army, but I might include Khorne OR Slannesh if I end up with enough to make a unit.
    3. Collect enough models to fill out the Chaos Followers table - I'm NOT going to try and get everything from the 00 entry, but will try to have a handful of options (a round d4 or d6 from the list)

    Anyway, having a blast with this project... some Undead are on the way as well!

  6. Your comment about bidding on the same items as other Oldhammer players made me smile. It's so true that we are this small (and quite friendly!) community of people, and yet we probably end up costing each other so much money in the anonymous cut and thrust of eBay bidding. We should set up some sort of cartel on the Oldhammer Forum to spare ourselves the grief.
    Anyway, great miniature - and beautiful paint job!