Friday, January 1, 2016

Looking Ahead to 2016

Happy New Year!

Every year at this time, I try to set some hobby goals. I usually wind up distracted by something new and shiny by February, but it's fun to take stock of your lead piles and fool yourself into thinking you have a plan. A major portion of my hobby time this year will be spent working on my participation game of Beneath the Lily Banners for Historicon, but there will still be plenty of Oldhammer goodness mixed in (err.. On the painting table, not at Historicon, but by all means if you're going to attend, find the League of Augsburg table - I'll be happy to talk Oldhammer and Rogue Trader as well).

So what's on for 2016? Let's take a look...

Dwarfs - I bought into these guys heavily last month, purchasing more than 180 Citadel and Marauder castings from eBay - over 2200 points without characters, war machines or magic items! My initial goal will be to paint a playable force of three or four small units, then I will work toward army minimums and a proper horde. Dwarfs were one of my first fully painted armies for 3rd edition and I have long wanted to replace the army I GAVE AWAY 20 years ago. I also wanted a 'good' army to oppose my 'evil' armies.

Undead - Speaking of 'evil' armies, I have lots of unpainted lead for this army that I didn't get around to last year - 30 zombies, 5 death riders, 4 carrion, 3 undead chariots, several mummies, and a screaming skull catapult! I think the army will still only be around 1650 points, but I haven't figured in any additional characters, magic items, etc. so it should be possible to push it to 2000.

Chaos - My current army is somewhere around 1800 points and I'd like to round it up to 2000, maybe with a Chariot or unit of Minotaurs. I also have some random Dark Elves, Goblins, and Skaven that I purchased with an eye toward building warbands for all four Chaos Powers. Somehow, I've never managed to get to this despite decades of planning this small project. I did paint all four Champions last year, so that's something!

Bretonnians - Back to 'good' armies, I have a decent amount of the Wargame Foundry recasts of the models featured in Dave Andrew's classic army. If not enough for a full army, they will definitely make great allies for my Dwarfs.

My painting was all over the place last year in 40k, but I was concentrating more on skirmish scenarios rather than armies of any specific point value. I think I will again roll a random scenario from the Rogue Trader book - I have a good selection of models to form the core for many different scenarios, but the result may dictate what I need to add. I have lots of unpainted lead - Space Marines, Imperial Army, Squats, Eldar, Orks, and Chaos Renegades plus loads of adventurers, pirates, etc. I even have a Confrontation Tech gang that I might get around to painting this year. I really have no idea where I'm headed with this, so I will plan to roll a new scenario soon!


  1. That's funny: the 'roll on a table' thing is what I'm planning to do to expand my 40k stuff after I've built stuff for the current campaign I'm planning.

    1. There were just so many models I wanted to paint when I got back into the old school stuff, I couldn't decide where to start. When I was a kid I used to read through and couldn't imagine being able to afford the number of models some of the scenarios called for. I also had limited access to terrain and modeling a space port or seedy tavern seemed beyond my abilities at the time.

      Now whatever the table comes up with, I am certain I can do both! I'll probably generate 2016's scenario this weekend as I am now excited to see what lies in store, though it may be some time before I can actually start it.

    2. Half the fun is in the planning I always think. At least I do (mostly, eventually) carry those plans out too :-)

  2. Your Blog is a constant source of inspiration Clarence...I look forward to watching your projects grow...whatever direction they take! :)

  3. Happy New Year!

    Really looking forward to what you do with the Bretonnians! :D