Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Old World Army Challenge Blog

Just what it says! The blog for the Old World Army Challenge is now live and sporting a spiffy header made by yours truly!

Looking forward to getting started, however, I won't be blogging about it here. I'll post some pics of Slann army I'm working on eventually, but we want folks to check in over at the other blog to follow our progress.

So what are you waiting for?


  1. It's a great looking banner, thanks for doing it.

  2. ... do I dig out my lead Skaven and actually get moving on them? probably not, but it's an intriguing idea for sure.

  3. Can you say more aboutr the conception of this beautiful header?

  4. Thanks!

    For inspiration, I drug out a bunch of old White Dwarf mags and studied the type, the style of layouts, details, etc. I wanted it to look like an old ad. Some of the original Warhammer Fantasy RP stuff had graphic elements around titles and I started playing around with ideas - a battered shield, the obligatory skulls, thorn vines... that sort of thing.

    Originally I was going to leave this 'floating' much like the logos on the books to right, but I thought it might work better for a blog if it were in a frame. That started me thinking on scenes rather than objects.

    As I was working on a very tiny canvas, I decided early on to play around with silhouettes. That sunset background was featured on lots of art from the WFRP covers - The Enemy Within and The Dying Light as examples. I decided spooky trees would be a great visual as they would be easily recognizable at any scale and the forests of the Old World are placed of dread so they evoked the proper imagery I was going for.

    My original concept was to have the brooding forest on one side and a crumbling tower on the other, but the sense of scale was off and made a poor image. I then tried a lone adventurer staling toward the wood, but this again proved a poor design. The mounted character proved to be a perfect size and with the addition of of a ragged cloak and tattered banner echoed the disquiet of the wood.

    Or something like that. In all honesty, it may have taken me longer to type than actually go through the process! I produced the sketches in a single evening and then made the finished art the next night.

    The finished art was produced using CorelDraw 2017, though it started with humble paper and pencil.

    Sort of vague ramblings... let me know if you have specific questions I haven't answered and I will endeavor to do so!

    1. A lone adventurer STALKING toward the wood... typo!