Friday, September 15, 2017

Rogue Trader Female Warriors

Two more models for the collection - Jayne and Gabs!

Female Warrior Jayne

Female Warrior Gabs

I haven't decided if these are Daughters of the Emperor or renegades who acquired power armor. In Rogue Trader, renegades were not necessarily spawns of chaos, nor was power armor the sole property of the Adeptus Astartes.

I'm not thrilled with how the checks turned out which is why I didn't bother painting them on the top of the thigh plates too as in the originals. I'm pretty good at such patterns, but trying to paint checkerboard freehand along a curve is a nightmare. I may just black these out and paint a simple single pattern of gold and white or something. but they are done for now.

Eight models to go...


  1. The checks are fine - I wouldn't have noticed had you not mentioned them, but I understand that feeling of 'I know it's there'.

  2. I like the checks!

    Also, there was a WD article, or I think or some other GW thing about the Badab Campaign just a couple of years ago that dealt with non-Chaos but Anti-Imperium SM chapters.

    But... yeah, not since RT have I heard of Non-SM's having power armor

  3. I absolutely love these! They look great! The checks are fine!!

  4. You've only ever got to make the checks as precise as the sculpting. If they're laser sharp they look wrong on the mini as a whole.

    Great job! Did you swap the bolter?