Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Rogue Trader Imperial Scout

This is a model I actually started over two years ago. It was suppose to be part of an Oldhammer Legacy Warband project I was taking part in. I could have painted this in a couple of days, but because the deadline for the project was so far away, I kept putting off finishing it.

Then my wife passed away on June 27th, 2015. Of course, I kinda stopped everything related to the hobby for a while. Even when I returned to painting, the model just sat on the desk. Somehow I couldn't bring myself to finish the damn thing.

Well, that came to an end yesterday. Pretty much all it needed were the metallics and a couple of highlights and I decided it was time to finish this.

Obviously this is one of the instances where I chose to deviate from the original model color scheme. I also did some minor conversion work, replacing the left hand which held a flamer pistol with a sword taken from a plastic eldar (a harlequin I think) which reinforced the fact that this guy was sporting a shuriken pistol and obviously hanging out with treacherous aliens (or maybe at least killing them).

More minis on the way - I primed the rest of the set this afternoon and hope to get a couple more finished by the weekend.


  1. He looks great, especially the checks on the scarf!

  2. That yellow turned out perfect! Your on a roll.

  3. That scarf is amazing. Great contrast with the rest of the model, the whole thing is really visually interesting.

  4. Yeah the head scarf really pops on this model. So sorry about your wife, I can't even imagine what I'd do.

    1. It was REALLY hard. Sometimes it still is. I still wear my ring - not sure if that's weird or not (Ha! Says the guy who still plays with wee toy soldiers)? Just not really interested in sharing my space with anyone else - at least not yet. Besides, I have a TON of unpainted lead stashed around the house that's not going to paint themselves...

  5. That's absolutely beautiful! :O
    Great you got to finish it.

  6. A stunning model! I love the colour choices - they contrast really nicely.