Sunday, September 10, 2017

Rogue Trader Space Amazon

It's been a stupid long time since I've actually painted any Rogue Trader stuff (or much of anything really). I've been busy with real life (for some reason I keep getting bills in the mail and I have to have a real job to keep up with them) and working on another book, Beneath the Lily Banners: The War of Three Kings (due out this fall). This weekend I walked into my studio and looked at the mess on the painting table and spotted one of the RT Adventurers sitting there already primed...

Governess Celene

For me this is one of the iconic models from the era. All it took was a few hours work. Hopefully this gives me the incentive to get back on this project. There's another model from this set on my desk that's been half finished for two years - maybe I'll paint that today.

My foray through the Rogue Trader Adventurers set has alternated between my own color schemes and trying to duplicate the studio collection from the 80's. In this case, I decided to try and capture the scheme from the original painting by John Blanche (of course).

This was challenging because of all of the textures. For the most part I had to be content with just a hint of these details because the areas were so small. The stockings were painted by painting the legs bare, then adding several layers of 2:1 washes of Lhamia Medium and Nuln Oil. These were carefully applied so as not to let them puddle as I didn't really want the recesses any darker - I handled the shading with the skin tones. Then I went back in with black and painted the top of the stocking trim and added a hint of the patterns from the painting. Finally I went back with my flesh tones and tried to portray a few rips in the fabric. The leopard print sleeves, zebra stripped loin cloth, and polka dot kerchief were all painted with a small Citadel Articifer layer brush that I reserve for such work. I'm pretty happy with the results!

I've got the Imperial Scout and pair of Female Warriors (power armored hellions named Jayne and Gabs) lined up next and I hope to find the time (sigh... and motivation) to add them to the completed pile this week. I'm only about a dozen models short of finishing the set and I could have them all done by the end of the month.

Hold my beer...


  1. The sheer effect on the stockings is spot on. You've definitely captured the essence of Blanche's painting.

  2. I love the way the panty hose came out, perfect blend of sheer and opaque!

  3. Very nice....All the elements from the painting really pop on the mini.

  4. Splendid, She looks just as good as on the illo.

  5. Love it! I think you really captured the look of the original artwork.

  6. WOW!! I was familiar with the illustration, but didn't know of the mini. Absolutely stunning job!